Hi, I'm Marie-France Han

I recently completed the Lede data journalism program at Columbia University, where I created projects using mostly Python and a variety of data visualization and mapping tools.

I most recently worked in technical content strategy at MongoDB, focusing on organic search performance. Prior to that, I reported on technology and finance for Reuters and Bloomberg.

You can contact me at mf212mf@gmail.com, check out my professional profile on LinkedIn, view my GitHub, read my resume or schedule a chat with me.

Choose Thy Queen Wisely

Visualizing history is fun! Let's take a look at British Royal consorts, examine their birthplaces, and visualize some interesting matrimonial patterns.

Python/pandas DataWrapper Illustrator
a Medieval portrait of Margaret of Anjou, Henry VI's consort

a bar chart representing average customs wait times at JFK

How long is the wait at JFK customs?

We can't predict the future, but we can at least give you an idea of the past 24 hours' wait times at every JFK terminal, thanks to Customs and Border Protection data!

Python/pandas GitHub Actions Playwright BeautifulSoup DataWrapper

All the Feelings in Les Miz: Sentiment analysis on literary translations

How emotionally faithful is a piece of translated text? Can a multilingual language model trained on 200 million 21st-century tweets perform a useful sentiment analysis on a 19th-century novel?

Python/pandas Flourish Machine Learning D3 / Svelte
Victor Hugo's original illustration representing Cosette, a little girl with a broom
a map of NYC with a multitude of colored circles representing poll s ites that offer language assistance

A look at language assistance for NYC voters

New York Residents have the option of voting at poll sites offering help in languages such as Russian, Arabic, Haitian or Italian -- a reflection of the city's multilingual population.

Python/pandas DataWrapper BeautifulSoup

a timeline showing recent sports-related bids placed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar

A multi-chart presentation of Gulf money in sports

Colossal sovereign wealth funds from Persian Gulf states are speeding up their quest for marquee sports investments. Let's take a look at the breadth of their recent endeavors.

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